Brick Painting & Limewashing

Brick Exterior Painters & Limewashers in Del Rio, TX

If you’re tired of the dull, monotone appearance of your brick exteriors or are looking for a cost-effective way to revamp your home or office, contact DLP Services. Our exterior painting team transforms plain, outdated exteriors with brick painting and limewashing.

Brick Painting

Our brick painting services are designed not only to beautify but also to protect your property. Using high-quality, durable paint, our exterior painters ensure that your bricks are safeguarded against weather elements, moisture, and fading over time.

Each project begins with a thorough cleaning of the brick surface, removing any dirt, mold, or mildew to ensure the paint adheres properly and lasts longer. Then, we help you carefully select colors that complement your property’s overall aesthetic, applying them with precision and care, resulting in a refreshed, vibrant look that is sure to elevate your home or office and make it stand out from the rest.


On the other hand, our limewashing services offer a unique and timeless appeal that can’t be achieved with regular paint. Limewash, a mixture made from lime, water, and natural pigments, imparts a beautiful, antiqued patina that’s elegant and earthy. This technique is particularly suitable for those aiming to accentuate the historical aspects of their property or achieve a rustic European charm. 

Limewashing not only beautifies but also preserves the brick, allowing it to “breathe” and release moisture naturally. Plus, its natural antibacterial properties help prevent mold growth, making it an excellent choice for both aesthetics and functionality. With our limewashing expertise, your home or office can embody a character-filled appearance that gracefully ages over time, ensuring your property stands out with an unparalleled, classic look.

Top-Notch Brick Painting & Limewashing

Whether you’re envisioning a vibrant splash of color to brighten up your neighborhood or aiming for a sophisticated vintage aesthetic that exudes timeless charm, DLP Services stands ready with a wealth of expertise and innovative techniques to transform your ideas into reality. Explore our exceptional painting services today.